Journey of Haha listed on’s “Top New Android Games To Play” has featured Journey of Haha on their “Top New Android Games To Play” list, on February 20th, 2020. Check out the list here:

Interview with

Check out my my interview with here:

Journey of Haha Desktop version released on Steam

After months of work, the Desktop port of Journey of Haha has been released on Steam. Some of the improvements include: Better art for Haha Better lighting. All sprites are now dynamically lit More particle effects Full controller support Redesigned UI for desktop Check it out on Steam!    

Journey of Haha released on Android and iOS!

After nearly a year of development, Journey of Haha is finally available on the Google Play Store. Click the button to get it!   Feel free to checkout the Gameplay Trailer, if you’re still undecided!

Journey of Haha Now in Beta

Well, after months of hard work, the game is officially now in beta. All levels and features are fully complete, now it’s just a matter of fixing bugs, optimizations, and testing the levels. A major part of getting the game into beta was designing and completing the boss levels at the end of the game….

Programming the A.I. in Journey of Haha

The AI for the moving enemies in Journey of Haha has been done for a few months now, but it took a great deal of effort to get it to work how I wanted it. It was a balance of having the enemies be mostly dumb, but smart enough to pose a threat to the player if…

Journey of Haha info page is up

I just published a new information page for Journey of Haha. It has gameplay details, info, and screenshots. See it here:  

“Journey of Haha” is in Development

“Journey of Haha” is a mobile game currently being developed for Android devices. It’s a puzzle/adventure game where you move from room to room. Each room is a self contained puzzle that you have to solve in order to move on to the next one. The gameplay style is influenced by a very old school…

Site launched

After half a year since the company’s founding, the website is finally live! We’ve got some great projects in the works. More info coming soon.